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Robotics Related Magazines

These magazines contain practical articles that are useful for robot builders

Robot Science and Technology. Billed as “The World’s Only Magazine Dedicated to Real Robots”. Price $6.95 per issue or $24 ($49 in the UK) per year for 6 issues. A 62 page practical bi-monthly magazine. Available on subscription from www.robotmag.com.

Ultimate Real Robots. A 20 page magazine published fortnightly at £3.99 per issue. A part-work with components to make your own robot. www.realrobots.co.uk and www.realrobots.com.

Electronics Education. Published by the Institution of Electrical Engineers three times per year and sent free to science and technology teachers in all secondary schools and colleges in the UK. Price £10.50 per year to other subscribers. A 32 page practical magazine.

Electronics World. Formerly Wireless World. An 86 page monthly practical magazine available in high street newsagents price £3.25. Occasionally has articles of interest to robot builders.

Elektor Electronics. Billed as “The Electronics & Computer Magazine”. Price £3.45 for an 82 page or £37.50 per year for 11 issues (includes July/August as a double issue). A practical projects magazine with occasional articles of interest to robot builders.
Back issues are available on CD ROM.

Everyday Practical Electronics
. Billed as “The No. 1 Magazine for Electronics, Technology and Computer Projects”. Price £2.95 for a monthly 72 page magazine with practical project articles occasionally of interest to robot builders. Back issues are available on CD ROM. www.epemag.wimborne.co.uk.

Robot Wars Magazine. A monthly 68 page magazine with practical articles on building robots. Now discontinued. Had a monthly column on speculations on the future of robotics by the webmaster of this site. Back issues at £3.50 per issue may still be available from robotwarssubs@titanemail.com in the UK and expsmag@expressmag.com in the USA. It was available from high street newsagents such as WH Smith in the UK and in the USA. More details on www.robotwars.co.uk.

Radio Control Model and Electronics RCM&E. A practical 114 page magazine with occasional articles and practical electronic circuit construction projects of interest to robot builders eg on radio control, servos, electronic switches, motor speed controllers and gyros. Priced £2.85 and published on the second Friday of every month. www.modelflying.co.uk.

IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine. Published quarterly by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York. A 72 page journal that is technically advanced intended for graduate engineers and researchers. Available on subscription to members of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society only. Available in University libraries. www.ieee.org.


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