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Welcome to Robot.org.uk

This site is a guide for robot builders. There are lists of robotics books, magazines, CD-ROMs, kits, component suppliers, information sources and events. This site includes information on how we built robots for Techno Games, Robot Wars, Micromouse, the Robot Olympics, Robotix, the Great Egg Race, RoboFesta, Waste Watch and student projects. Help is provided for beginners and experienced robot builders, teachers and researchers. I plan to add information on robotics research, Cybernetics, robots in books, films and on TV. One of the aims of the site is to stimulate interest, learning and teaching in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through building Robots.

Cycler the robot is one of three identical robots we built to go into schools on the UK mainland. Cycler has performed in front of over 750,000 school children. Cyclers were designed to be so reliable that no performance would ever have to be postponed or cancelled. To date that 100% reliability record has been achieved.

This is an autonomous six legged walking robot named Alone (Artificial Life one). It is a biologically inspired robot based on a cockroach.

It "sees" using ultrasonic anrangefinding (sonar). The sensing and control circuits are all analogue. One of the aims of the project was built to show that it is possible for a six legged machine to walk using a single oscillator rather than two oscillators per leg. The power supply, sensors and all electronics are on board.

This 2 metre high robot is designed to be an autonomous patrolling security guard. It has 2 pan and tilt TV cameras mounted in a rotatable head. An RF transmitter sends the TV picture back to a base station. Both cameras have lasers mounted on them for rangefinding.

The three polaroid sonar rangefinders can pan +/- 90 degrees. They are used to build a map of the environment as the robot moves around. The mapping and path planning algorithm is stored in the on-board computer.

The robot was featured on Carol Vordermann's ITV programme "Put it to the Test". She gave the robot the name Robocop.

Other appearances include Tomorrow's World, the Tomorrow's World Live Exhibition

at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, ROBOTIX '96 and '97 in Glasgow, the launch of the Year of Engineering Success, BBC TV News, 'What's the big idea', Inside Out, BBC World Service TV, Tomorrow's Technology Today (T3) magazine and the British Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Science Festival.

Maisie is a mobile robot built by Chelliah Kanesalingam to solve mazes as part of the international micromouse competition. Maisie has six infra red wall sensors, two stepper motors cannabalised from BBC computer disc drives and a Triangle
Digital Services TDS 2020 microcontroller board. Maisie is the most successful student built micromouse in the UK having won four brass cheeses and other trophies.
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